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He had an exceptional eye for detail and never shied away from difficult stories.'But above all, Paul was a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with.The term 'mugger' comes from the Urdu word 'magar' which translates as 'water monster'.Experts say poking a crocodile's eyes or hitting its nose can save you during an attack. Crocodiles first appeared on the earth 240million years ago and they can live for up to 80 years.Mr Mc Clean was washing his hands in a lagoon or river set back from the beach in an area called Elephant Rock, a popular surfing area for British backpackers.Witnesses said they saw the 24-year-old wave his arms in the air before vanishing under the water.

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It was when he was washing his hands that the crocodile took him.'A local fisherman witnessed a man being dragged into a river, set back from the beach, by a crocodile.During mating seasons, it is not uncommon for crocodiles to become increasingly aggressive.'There were a large crowd of Sri Lankan men surrounding them and they had bits of paper.'Another shocked man, Sean Carroll, from New South Wales, Australia, wrote on Facebook: 'A croc just took a tourist bloke in Sri Lanka.'He was walking on a beach where a small river meets the sea, it's named Crocodile Rock for that reason obviously.'He still hasn't been retrieved from river.Mr Mc Clean graduated with a first class degree in French from Oxford University.He began working at the FT in September 2015 and was previously based in Brussels, covering Brexit for the newspaper.