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KS’ fylkeskontorer er samordnet i regionkontorer for å kunne gi et bedre og bredere servicetilbud til medlemmene.KS har sju regionkontorer som ledes av en regiondirektør. At the time the petition is submitted, a certain sum must be paid to cover these expenses. If it should prove that the debtor has enough money to cover the expenses, the sum will be reimbursed.There are a few exceptions to the rule of pre-payment when submitting a petition for bankruptcy.This arrangement involving that a person can become responsible for the bankruptcy expenses, results in many creditors becoming wary about submitting petitions for bankruptcy.It is therefore becoming common that although companies are insolvent, bankruptcy petitions are not being submitted.An exception to this would be if the sale of the house did not result in enough to pay the total debt. However, bankruptcy is the result only if someone wants it to be; a creditor or the debtor himself.

During bankruptcy, all the debtor’s assets are realized.Bankruptcy will therefore result in a loss of money for both the debtor and those who hold a claim against the debtor. A significant objective of the bankruptcy is that the money shall be distributed fairly among the creditors. The debt that is not settled must be covered by the debtor’s future income.However, if a limited company (Ltd.) goes bankrupt, the company will cease to exist. In 1998, 3 320 bankruptcies were registered at the Bankruptcy Register in Brønnøysund.The debtor himself does not have to pay, and the same applies to employees who have not received their salaries, and who therefore want to petition for the bankruptcy of their employer.The bankruptcy court may also make other exceptions to the rule for pre-payment if the court is of the opinion that it is vital that bankruptcy proceedings be instituted.