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He produced many of her stage shows and TV specials, including ."Roger had tremendous confidence in me, much more than I did," his wife said in a 1985 interview. He gradually brought me out of my shell." As the years went on, Smith made fewer and fewer public appearances because of his failing health.Byrnes was recast as the wannabe investigator Kookie. Their cases would often take them to exotic locations around the globe." Snauffer noted that , an Italian caper comedy that starred Ann-Margret.The freewheeling, wisecracking style of the characters, combined with their sophisticated lifestyle, was something TV viewers had never seen before. "They had a French secretary in the office and often hung out next door at Dino's, a hip L. Smith in 1964 had struck up a friendship with Allan Carr, who agreed to be Smith's manager.

When he wasn't starring in school productions or serving as president of the acting club, he was anchoring the defense as the team's star linebacker.

Ironically, the 77 address didn't exist as Sunset Boulevard has only four-digit street numbers.

An engraving on the sidewalk at 8524 Sunset between La Cienega Boulevard and Alta Loma Road commemorates the location where the series' offices supposedly were.

As Smith decided to leave acting, the duo formed Rogallan Productions.

The company produced (1970), starring Ann-Margret and Joe Namath. Soon the lion's share of Smith's duties were as Ann-Margret's manager.