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And we're moving in a forward direction trying to make it easier for mothers.Last week on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope, Wolf said that society's reluctance to pay mothers to care for children revealed a contempt for motherhood.Yes, residence orders now favour fathers in almost 20 per cent of cases - up from 15.3 per cent in 1994-95.But in an extensive study of contested parenting cases from 1988 to May 2000, Lawrie Moloney, senior lecturer at Melbourne's La Trobe University, found that fathers tend to succeed only where the mother is judged inadequate - they win by "default" - not because of their own capacity as parents. And thousands of children still go to bed each night unable to say goodnight to their dad.I feel the reason we don’t hear about the mothers committing suicide is that quite often we don’t….you walk out on the marriage… And, I have to say to you, I know of men, and I have interviewed them, who didn’t walk out on the marriage. Another said, "With five divorces an hour in Australia and three DVOs/AVOs a day, is it any wonder there is so much suicide." Another said, "Thank you for using your forum to make this gross injustice known to the need to know you will lose a lot of your rights. This injustice should be yelled from the rooftops until the lawmakers change the law".

These are the distressing findings of Bruce Smyth and Anna Ferro, from the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Imagine if 1 million Australian children lived apart from their mothers, and study after study showed that these children were generally worse off than those who enjoyed meaningful relationships with both parents.Not because they are bad fathers, but just because the pain is too great." Another said to me "I’m a female and I agree that the laws need to be changed in all regards to family law.I feel that each case has to be decided individually as each case is different. I agree with that correspondent who said each case had to be individually addressed. Others just simply thanked me on behalf of "all the Dads out there battling to see their kids regularly but being ripped off by the Child Support Agency".I heard your comments this morning about non-custodial fathers.I was interested to hear that there are fathers out there in the same boat as me.