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Dating people in other boroughs qualifies as a long-distance relationship. If it helps, once we really like one of you, the other four are history within an hour. "He wants to go to Neil's on Third," we will tell our friends. He's really serious about you," they will say if it's a great bar, and, "Ugh, maybe you should just cancel," they will say if it's a bad one. There are certain parts of town we can't even go near because they remind us of our exes. So telling me you'll meet me "around 9" will result in us meeting up "around never."10. Especially if you don't make reservations near my office and want me to meet you there at 7. This city is so full of places to fall in love with and things to be excited about and we want to do all of it.

If you live in the Bronx and I don't, you are not my soul mate. And if you are, I'm sorry but that commute is no fucking joke and I simply cannot. One group text is sent and we're all yours (JK, JK). Our city is pretty compact, so even though it might sound nuts to be like, "I can't go to the East Village," that's actually like saying, "I don't love going near Exit 19B" on the highway in most other cities, so it's pretty reasonable. We're like that Eminem song: You only get one shot. We live in a city of go-getters and we most likely are one ourselves, so you better be able to make a plan. It'll easily take me 30 to 45 minutes to get there, and that's if all the trains haven't mysteriously shut down because of construction no one believes will actually ever fix anything, but that's a whole other thing. Which means we probably don't want to just "come over and hang out" for the majority of our first few dates.13.

What sets Gallow Green apart from other rooftop bars in the city is its unique decor that transports guests from New York City to a place more reminiscent of the the Louisiana Bayou, making it a great conversation starter.

* Time Out editions in 24 cities participated in our global dating survey, and we received responses from many more locations around the world.

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Any time I've ever been on a date with a guy who could take me somewhere amazing that I had no idea existed, it's been cause for a small celebration with balloons.4. I will say though that if you cook for us, we will be sooooo hyped. We're incredibly passionate about everything all the time.Because games are an immediate bonding experience, Royal Palms Shuffleboard is a great place to meet other singles and play a game of shuffleboard.Royal Palms Shuffleboard has 10 shuffleboard courts, offers complimentary lessons and is an hour to play.Gallow Green Gallow Green is an outdoor, rooftop bar that is popular in the summer time.Gallow Green is above the interactive theater production, Sleep No More, at the Mc Kittrick Hotel.