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“I was honored to be asked to write the theme song again,” says the songstress celebrating her 25th year since her debut.“I sang about the ties between the crew members that strengthen as they sail on together, and how those ties become the source of their power and the light of hope that leads them to the answer to their future.The two were spotted dining together in New York City in March, though they denied they were dating then as well.Related: Singapore actress Rebecca Lim wins award and meets Song Joong Ki! It makes nobodies into singers, it makes singers into idoru (idols), and it makes millions of fans spend billions of yen.Then, after a few years of hysteria, it makes the idoru into nobodies again. But the world of J-Pop never bargained for Namie Amuro, an obstinate beauty who has revealed that the music machine has a loophole.After giving the reworking of Waterfall a listen, the addition of Amuro is great in doses but should have been arranged differently.Her singing is very nice and all but the rap parts come across kind of stiff compared to Left Eye’s own.

The uplifting number featuring Amuro’s solid vocals was written specifically for the popular series at the request of the production team and took six months to complete.

She announced on her official website that she planned to retire on Sep 16 next year, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of her debut.

She also thanked fans for their constant support for her throughout all these years and said that she would make the last year of her music career meaningful by focusing her full attention on “creating a final album and performing at concerts.”“I would like to write about something that I have carried on my mind and have decided on the 25th anniversary of my debut.

I, Namie Amuro, would like to take this opportunity to inform all of my fans of my decision to retire as of September 16, 2018,” wrote the singer.

While the 40-year-old singer did not disclose the reason behind her decision, some guessed that it was because she wanted to take her relationship with rumoured music producer boyfriend Nishi Shigehiro to the next level.