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As the six panels slid up, there was one thing on common very early on.And on Twitter, there was a mourning for the lack of pubic hair on display.Both single, both gorgeous, and both lovely people - they seemed like a perfect match just looking at each other, turns out we didn’t realise just how suited they were.

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Dom was first up to the plate to have his pick from six women who agreed to show their naked bodies before they showed their faces or had a conversation with him.But Izzy ended up picking Eve, a woman who chose not to define with a sexual orientation.When asked why she'd chosen to pick a date on the show, Izzy said: 'It tells you something about who they are if they are willing to get their a*** out on Channel 4.'Viewers praised the representation of trans bodies as brave Isabelle and Felix showed themselves during the long transition process.and after an extended drum roll, we discovered they indeed… Controversial Channel 4 dating show Naked Attraction returned to the nation's screens on Thursday evening, but viewer noticed what wasn't there quickly.