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If women bother to take the effort to scold you for contacting them instead of the standard 'ignore' - they really have serious issues of their own, and probably an enormous ego to boost.

Just stay humble, and don't let the rotten eggs stink up your own efforts. I think it is a mix of 3 things, your message, profile and picture(s).

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Check local church or at a religious guy notice you when face.

But there were no dating sites affiliate programs to be found.

The Cupid Media network offers a specialized dating service to a diverse group of individuals across the world.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Online if a woman doesnt like the goods presented to her she is going to pass. There is no such thing as being out of someones league.

You can see that there are various sub-niches you can go into: adult dating sites, Jewish dating sites, dating sites for trekkies and muggles, etc.

Since the stats and sub-niches have been covered, let's get down to the keyword research side of things.

They offer to pay you for each lead, or to give you a commission or a per-order payout.

The per-lead payout is a bit small compared to other dating site affiliate programs, but the percentage and per-order payouts are about the same.