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If they desire amendment, Allah will make them of one mind.The Quran permits divorce partly because of some countenance to the customs and partly to enable men get rid of an odious union.Like Hindu law, followers of Islam have their own personal law, which states that Nikaah or marriage is a contract and may be permanent or temporary and permits a man four wives if he treats all of them equally.

Husbands and wives vow for each other, yet there have been innumerable cases of betrayals by the spouses.Among almost all the nations of antiquity, divorce was regarded as a natural corollary or marital rights. In England divorce was introduced only 100 years back. Even though the provision of divorce was recognized in all religions Islam perhaps the first religion in the world which has expressly recognised the termination of marriage by way of divorce.It also brings home the fact that Muslims in India, post-Independence, have not made any serious attempt to codify diverse practices of its different schools of thought and jurisprudence.Another attempt was made in 1939 with the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act.