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The test costs 270 dollars and you get results typically within 3 weeks after we receive your sample. C.: Didn't see the show, but there was another PBS show about the Lemba tribe in Africa which claimes to be a "Lost Tribe of Israel". So some people can be traced directly to a group and some it is less clear. Thank you to everyone who wrote in for your support and interest in our series.

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Forster can also take questions about using DNA for genealogical, archaeological and forensic casework. _______________________ SW - Waterfront, Washington, D. C.: If someone would like to have DNA analysis done to determine where their ancestors come from, what resources are available?These two tests look for direct ancestry and determine origins.There are couple of companies that do these tests such as as well as a free study being conducted by boston university _______________________ Staten Island, N.The four-part PBS series "African American Lives" uses genealogy, oral history, family stories and DNA analysis to trace lineage through American history and back to Africa. Du Bois professor of the Humanities and chair of African and African American Studies at Harvard University, begins to trace their family trees back through the 20th century. Additionally, as the series showed, groups of people may have migrated, and a historical background would be helpful to really get a sense of from where you come.Starting with the oral histories of the individuals' families and drawing on photographs, film clips, music and early personal records, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., W. Certainly an amateur historian could do all of this research themselves, but are there any businesses/research projects that will do both the DNA analysis AND historical research for you? Farrell: If someone would like to have their DNA tested for genealogical purposes, there are three main tests that can be taken.