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Between 20, in 14 countries with high rates of HIV and AIDS in East and Southern Africa, the number of males who volunteered to be circumcised almost doubled, according to the WHO.Between 20, 5.82 million males in these countries underwent the voluntary procedure."Those who don't get cut and take care of themselves -- they are not a strong man," he told Huff Post.

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Mozambique has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world at 11.5 percent among adults ages 15 to 49, according to the World Health Organization. S., the National Institutes of Health has pointed to research saying that male circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection by about 50 percent."To treat a person is more important than to circumcise, because a healthy person will be able to provide for his family and protect them from HIV." Still, overall, the movement toward taking responsibility for one's own health is a positive development, Macaringue said.She stressed the importance of education and awareness.Two nurses make a quick incision on the foreskin and sew together the edges.The patient receives counseling beforehand to emphasize the fact that the operation lowers the risk of HIV infection but does not actually prevent it.