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He was there, and he was saying some rude things then, too.”• Date: March 21, 2010• Where: Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane, Wash.• Event: Michigan State beats Maryland in 2010 NCAA tournament second round, 85-83Ben says: "I jumped on the pile with all the players.It all happened so quickly, my natural emotions took over."Sparty doesn’t speak, I’m not supposed to be engaging with players or be on the court, but the natural fan in me took over."Someone brought it up on ESPN -- when they showed the recaps, one of the anchors [said], 'Even Sparty was in on the fun!’ We were hugging each other and screaming.”• Date: Annual• Where: Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Mich.• Event: Children's Miracle Network fundraisers Ben says: “We’d go to Sparrow Hospital and do a fundraiser each year for the Children’s Miracle Network.There are a lot of different kids there, and some are obviously better than others, but they’re also pretty ill.It was sufficient, but one of the worst changing rooms I’ve ever been in."Then, I was in the tunnel and right outside the Michigan locker room.

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Tattoos are so awesome, I'm great at encouraging and am not judgement at all. I am 5'9" (five feet, nine inches) tall; 125 lbs (pounds). ways ;) So if you are straight-edge & are NOT comfortable being around drugs, I may not be the girl for you. Its so weird how, its impossible to judge people by these few sentences..yet... I am passionate about social justice and LGBT inclusion in the church. I have been through a lot of stuff in the last few years and I hope to help others who have experienced things similar to me.

Fortunately, the security guard was a non-biased fan.

I didn’t react in any way, I was so shocked someone landed on me. Your vision is so inhibited, you can barely see your hands from your face."• Date: April 4-6, 2009• Where: Ford Field, Detroit• Event: Michigan State makes 2009 Final Four, loses to North Carolina in championship game Ben says: “With the automobile [industry] being so down and the crisis that was occurring here, it was a big positive, feel-good story for Michigan State, and being a part of that journey was something I’ll never forget.

There were signs hanging down from the expressways.

I would always be on the front of the bus, standing in the stairwell and waving.”• Date: Oct.