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Swan: [i](Contradicting)[p/i] No, Chuck, I tell her da rules. Chuck Woolery: (Impatiently) There - there is no puzzle! --Reality Check (Tovah: Oh now Belma baby-- I gotta ask yo' now: Did you make this Chocolate covered butter stick?

Chuck Woolery: Ok, well, first, let's meet the ones that you didn't pick: Bachlorette #1 is an aerobics instructor who is double jointed; say hello to Michelle Robinson! (Laughs hautily) Chuck Woolery: Bachlorette #2 is a stewardess who has no gag reflex; please welcome Jackie Johnson! The show where you leave your delusions at the door, sit yo' ass down, open up wide for a big ole' slice of truth, with a side of wisdom.

Cast members are introduced alphabetically, with their names appearing in caption over a slow-motion montage of color still photos of them.

Hart returned three weeks later to accept Sasso's challenge of an arm-wrestling match.

The Mad TV logo appears against the backdrop of a busy street in Los Angeles.

Rick: (Realizes what he has just said) No Chuck, I don't.

Chuck Woolery: Ok, bachlorettes, it's time to say hello to Rick.