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Another new element to Nerd Nite's international love connection efforts are personal profiles in their new Nerd Nite Magazine.

In addition to the printed versions of several of the best lectures from Nerd Nites around the world, interested and daring nerds can submit their profiles and be seen by nerds on the other side of the globe.

But then add the hours and layers of makeup and prosthetics, and it’s not even the best show to be cast in on its own network. I used to love watching ‘Mad Men,'” Morrissey told Conan.

with people over 40, and claims to have 51 per cent/ 49 per cent male/female distribution, a 38 per cent success rate, and that 52 per cent of the people who use it are college graduates.

Cavender has been brainstorming ways to make Speed-Friending even more accessible and more exciting for curious boy nerds and lady nerds.

"For the upcoming event, we have reduced the number of slots, adjusted the ticket prices for men and women, and moved it to a more comfortable area within the venue.

The Naughty Pond has adult content and is for 'open-minded fish' only.

site boasts a number of marriages, and thousands more relationships each year.