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For example, a Pakistani trying to marry an Arab will no doubt hear many “Arabs are this…” or “Arabs are that…” type of comments.

Even those who marry within the race will often face problems in marrying outside the tribe, or people from a specific part of the same country, so much so that some people even consider these marriages to be against the norm.

A person might not realize these things before marriage, but after a kid the husband may start acting a certain way, and due to the way he was brought up, he will have certain expectations as to what his wife should do as a mother.

The wife, having been brought up differently, may have the opposite expectation.

Many families are not accepting of such marriages, and many face great difficulties in pursuing them.

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Societal Ramifications Obviously interracial marriages are not for everyone, not everyone desires one (most probably don’t), and not everyone is cut out for one.

To even broach the idea of an interracial marriage will spring forth 100 year old stereotypes of other cultures you never even knew existed.

It is particularly sad when these are directed at other Muslim groups.

The cultural aspect can get confusing because while a person may be Indian, they have more in common with a Bengali person who grew up here also as opposed to an Indian person from ‘back home.’ It is that point though, that parents have a tough time coming to grips with.

It seems some have missed the fact that their kids have a distinct culture that’s different that what they think they taught them.