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Mr Dawson, along with fellow instructor Toby Turner and mother-of-eight Kerri Pike all lost their lives in the accident at Mission Beach.Sergeant Scott Ezard on Monday confirmed the bodies of the three victims had been taken to Cairns and were undergoing forensic examination."Those processes are currently underway and they will conclude hopefully tomorrow [on Tuesday]," he said."As the parachuters have continued to descend the parachutes have deployed and both parties have landed under either a fully or partially deployed parachute."Police have brought in an expert packing rigger who will analyse the equipment involved in the accident."That examination will be looking to determine whether the parachutes were packed, and whether the parachutes were of the right size for the actual package in which they're required to fit into," Sergeant Ezard said."The purpose of that is to determine whether there may have been a failed deployment or a false deployment."The expert would also be examining data from an onboard computer on the tandem parachute.Unless you're interested in putting on a show for daywalkers and backpackers, head on down to Alexandria Bay itself for some privacy.

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Mission beach australia teens cam 2 cam perth