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Mexican folk dance is an integral part of Mexican history, and many of the traditional dances are still performed today.There are many different folk dances from Mexico that you can learn to perform yourself, or just enjoy watching.

Dance is used for the purpose of honoring the country's unique heritage, while also recognizing both the joy and hard times of the Mexican life.Women are traditionally dressed in round, floor length skirts that are vibrant in color and design.A floral print or any sort of specific stitching on the dress may signify a certain region or style of dance. Men usually dress in modified cowboy suits, much as you would see a mariachi player wear, but men can also can wear linen shirts, dark pants, and boots. Finding a way to learn folk dances from Mexico is simple. Many of these will include a dance demonstration where others can come and learn.Today, there are three forms of Mexican folk dance still used: Within the three genres of folk dance, there are many dances that are popular and well known.Many are taught to school children in preparation for a particular holiday, while others are taught in dance studios or as part of a Mexican folk dancing team.