Mazda updating

If no updates are needed and you click update, it will just say device. @charset "UTF-8";@[email protected]#u_H #shortlist-notification-container.hidden,#u_H #uhf-sign-and-search #uhf-login-button-container .uhf-login-state-name .uhf-dropdown-menu.uhf-clearfix:afterhtml.carsguide .There is also no word on how much, if at all, this will cost owners.I somehow doubt the "potentially minimal hardware addition" will be a free upgrade, but perhaps I am just cynical.

Just downloaded latest North America maps 2014 q2, took 1 hours 20 minutes using high speed internet.For reference, Connect came out with the 2014 Mazda3 and is in a variety of models since then.Be sure to check if your car is included in that list before getting too excited.Would I be able to plug the new 2016 SD Card (NAVTEQ) and it work with the old interface? In order to check for a map update or add any features that may be available for your 2016 Mazda Connect Infotainment Navigation systems please follow these steps: (1) Go to Navi (2) First time users, register first (3) After registration download "Mazda Toolbox" (4) After Mazda Toolbox is downloaded, insert your Navigation SD card to check/update or backup your system There is no need to download and install Tom Tom HOME program because it does NOT work with this system and you will NEVER be able to connect the SD card to the program! Had this system been Tom Tom based we may have been able to utilize the Tom Tom Home program where you can personalize many features! Just removed my Navigation SD card and placed it In my laptop and fired up Mazda Toolbox and noticed a large update!Have not reinstalled the card back into the vehicle as of yet!