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Is it to grasp at selfish pleasure, or is to pursue oneness in marriage? Perhaps we are dissatisfied at the way our life has turned out, so we blame God.

We turn to masturbation as our own private activity that grasps for a pleasure all our own, a corner of life we claim as wholly ours, a way to rebel.

We need to ask ourselves: What do I believe that makes this situation or circumstance or condition stressful for me?

Identify what lies you believe about the stressor and then diligently replace those lies with truth.

One of the concerns on this week's episode regarded a teenager and his mother.

The teen claimed he's often put in an embarrassing situation due to his mom, who's too straightforward with sex education, saying things such as, "Too much masturbation is bad for your body", and "Make sure to wash your hands before masturbating."SEE ALSO: EXO's Suho to make his musical debut with 'The Last Kiss' The idol brought laughter as he answered, "Well, first, it can make your bones weak..." The MCs laughingly responded, "Old folks used to say that in the past." Suho continued, "I'm just kidding.

Again, the battle is one of faith: Why do we believe God owes us anything? Related: 19 Possible Motives Triggering Your Porn Consumption Our sex drives will inevitably build up physical tension, but it is our to that tension that matters most.

What are we believing that makes masturbation seem like the only way to release the build-up of testosterone?

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The occasional inability to achieve a satisfactory erection doesn't normally constitute a problem.I could use your prayers please, and any good devotional.This question highlights our great need to guard our hearts above all else, because we live out of the overflow of our hearts (Proverbs ).These feelings can easily make the symptoms of ED worse.The main physical causes are: One rough-and-ready way of working out whether your ED has a physical cause is to see whether there any circumstances in which you get an erection.