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Were you one of the many who mailed in Tabasco sauce out of support?

Below I have reposted an article that was written by an ameture tv critic, giving his ideas for what went wrong in the final season of Roswell that caused it to be cancelled.

A nice "interstellar love story" ensues..that appealed, at first, to both high-school drama and sci-fi fan bases. Jonathan Frakes, best known as "Commander Riker" on Star Trek TNG, is one of the executive producers.

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Her second album, Tarte, was released in 2007 by her own record company, Red Velvet Cake Records.

While its science fiction edge made it a bit more complex than the stories of those teens from the Creek (no offense, James Van Der Beek) it definitely held an important role in television history.

The show, which premiered in 1999 on the WB and ran for three seasons, gained notoriety after diehard fans started an online petition and sent in letters and bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite of one of the show’s characters, to prove to the network that the show had a massive amount of support.

The unaired pilot became an episode called “The Farm”, which aired during the final season of the show.

Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman When you want to be involved with show business, it doesn’t hurt to have the last name of “Hanks”.