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Ta’kari, 22, and a mother of two, tweeted that Jackie kicked out her out of her home with Doug, and that she is now forced to sleep on people’s couches with her two kids.

Ta’kari also claims that Jackie was not a real mother to her and that she doesn’t allow husband Doug to own a cell phone.

Below is more gossip and secrets about each of the Basketball Wives L. Howard) had a pretty poor reputation as being a big time groupie.

One who has allegedly slept with a ton of athletes, rappers, and entertainers.

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I can't believe you haven't heard of oral sex...where do you live?

All seemed to be going well for the always on-again off-again couple when Gilbert finally proposed to Laura last year.

Gossip – Most NBA fans are familiar with Jackie due to her very unconventional methods of preventing her husband Doug from cheating.

Even more surprising, she doesn’t deny that he’s never been unfaithful to her. I open the list of haters and it rolls across the floor.” No word yet if any of the new LA wives make that list.

“I’m not gonna sit up here and be like, ‘No, you know he’s perfect and we’re fabulous’… The rumor today is that Matt might have dumped Gloria. Gossip – Before joining Basketball Wives LA, Draya (real name Andraya M.

I am going to get in trouble- so I will simply just request you google that without the mum and pops around.

In a recent radio interview, Laura’s little sister Gloria Govan reveals she was “upset” about the fight. But you know when I realized what it was really about, I couldn’t really be mad at her.