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When we work with men with sexually addictive behavior, we examine this looking element as part of the compulsive behavior.

Men who struggle with a porn addiction, for example, may obsessively look at women as a form of foreplay, a way to “research” so that they can later find a picture, movie, or a Webcam girl who resembles that person.

Oftentimes they are not even aware that they are staring at somebody.

Wives or partners of the sexually addicted person often complain about this looking behavior — and how they feel it reflects on them.

Can “looking” or ogling be a symptom of your sex addiction?

Does looking trigger you into deep fantasy leading to compulsive sexual thoughts that won’t stop until you act out?

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The idea is if you are aware enough to slap a limit on the looking, then you are aware that you are crossing the line. She Is A Person Obsessive ogling usually involves objectifying.The guy who routinely cranes his neck in the restaurant to follow somebody’s form as they make their way to their seat or to the exit.Men are visually-based creatures and respond to what they see more strongly than women, and science says that this behavior is rooted in evolutionary biology.We try to help our clients understand how this “looking” makes their significant other feel.How To Work With the Overactive “Looker” Like most problems, you can’t change anything unless you are first aware that there is indeed a problem.