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Everyone knows it can be hard to make friends as an adult, and reportedly it can be even harder in Japan, the land of hikikomori–where an estimated 1 million young adults stay holed up in their houses.That’s where the Tipsys app comes in, for women at least.But they are also probably trapped in a cycle of emotional disconnection and feel helpless to break it.Try to initiate conversations that are not about transactional details.In short, we lose the love and the affection but stay in the marriage; ironically, often out of a fear of being lonely, although by doing so, we potentially doom ourselves to the very loneliness we were trying to avoid.How to Combat Loneliness in Marriage The emotional isolation that encompasses us when we’re lonely leads our relationship muscles to atrophy, as we rarely use them in meaningful ways.

Simply fill out a profile on Tipsys, include your hobbies, convenient times, and neighborhoods for meet-ups, and add your budget for outings and preferred drink.

Ask them for their views about something they care about and make sure to demonstrate you’re listening. If your spouse is in the other room watching their favorite show, sit next to them (at the start of the show) and say, “You love this show so much I want to give it a try.” They may be confused, suspicious, or both, but just be sincere and try to see the show through their eyes, even if it’s not your thing.

(See "How to Validate Someone’s Emotions.") Don’t expect them to reciprocate right away, as habits take time to change, but after a few gestures of goodwill they will likely return the favor. After the show, tell them what you appreciated about—even if it was terrible, find something! The longer we’re married, the more we tend to assume we know what the other person is thinking. Figuring out another person’s perspective (known as ) is a thought exercise we can't skip.

Marriage is not only depressing, it's incredibly aging.

Small wonder that young guys today are avoiding it in droves. My marriage went sexless 15 years ago after my last child was born.