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You can even keep track of when Tower Bridge opens for larger ships that could not otherwise travel upstream.

At night, a stunning lighting system illuminates this major London landmark.

Not the perfect view of the Duomo we have had in the past.

Can't imagine they would dress up the Diomo for that. Emilio and Lucy: I am with you on the angle of the camera. Have been watching since your post Emilio and they are not taking any notice.

If you want to see the spire with the Madonna go to Wish we could have sound on some of the other Skyline webcams. Italy is a country that is looking after its people, hopefully, if they are prepared and in a position to look after themselves. Men don't realise they can be affected the same way as women. You could say it is inappropriate but it does bring out some of the architectural features in the building that you don't see with natural light and whatever lighting is normally around. Know it's Milan fashion week but was in Milan last year for that event.

Was in Como last year round about the same time of year when the guys came through on their motorbikes, beautifully dressed, supporting prostate research and awareness. Never seen such an amazing number of bikes other than on a circuit! I hope the breast cancer campaign is going to be successful.

Lastly, with regard to chatting on the live video stream, there are other options and I think they're fantastic.

I have all four going Camp Envy chat, BMIR, Youtube Live Feed w/Badass HD TALL CRANE mounted cam & eplaya I miss everybody!Scroll back and forward to see the bridge by day and by night on the camera feed.See what's happening on Tower Bridge right now with our live web cam - don't miss the bridge openings!You Tube scans live streams for copyrighted content. I must own up to this mistake as I did not recognize this until I started streaming BMIR in the test phase.Repeated violations will result in Copyright strikes. As of right now, the main solution is rather simple: open another window and go to BMIR's website and listen there, or to any other audio stream of your choice and enjoy your burn.

Live webcams no registration