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A place with beautiful landscapes (waterfalls in national parks) and a perfect seaside with the clearest water in the world, is the paradise for everyone. Actually, we know each other since we were 12 years old.

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We have all heard what happens every time the Serbs decide to have a Gay pride parade.

As we already reported, viral hit even got the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Ratomir Ivičić to meet Pascal in Paris and invite him and his friends back to Croatia, complimentary of course.

I caught up with Pascal over Facebook of all places, and finally managed to talk him into an interview for Total Croatia News. That wasn't my intention when I first posted the video about the road trip with my friends.

I find that weird because it should be the opposite. It’s a pity, people should act the same way and we should help each other when we are able to. During the whole trip, journalists were interviewing us, people asked for pictures and also talked to us like they known our story. I will frame it and put in my bedroom as a reward“! I’ll keep the other articles and show it to my son later „Look, your dad was a celebrity in Croatia once upon a time!

The funniest part of that story is we never believed people when they said that we are stars in Croatia. In fact, we were recognized from our first step in Croatia by the customs officer. “We only travelled through a small part of the Adriatic Coast, Zagreb and Baranja region.