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Two months after his release, he sneaked up behind a jogger, pressed his hand over her mouth and grabbed her breasts.While he was behind bars again, politicians portrayed Hubbart as the poster child for why the state needed to lock up its most dangerous sex offenders — even after they’d finished serving their prison terms.In 1996, before Hubbart could be released from prison, prosecutors in Santa Clara County asked a court to send him to a state mental hospital under California’s new Sexually Violent Predator law, which allowed the state to confine violent sex offenders in hospitals if they have a mental disorder that makes them likely to reoffend.Hubbart became the first person held under the new law.The program’s vice president, Kenneth Carabello, referred all questions about Hubbart to the Department of State Hospitals, and the department’s spokesman declined to comment, citing patient privacy rights.At the time of Hubbart’s release, residents criticized the relocation, saying they feared the sexual predator would strike again.Hubbart — dubbed the “Pillowcase Rapist” for his pattern of covering victims’ heads — was released in July 2014 from the mental hospital in Coalinga, near Fresno, to a home along a dirt road lined by rusting cars and abandoned mattresses in Lake Los Angeles.He was required to attend group and individual therapy sessions twice a week while being supervised full time by the Liberty Conditional Release Program.

Christopher Evans Hubbart holed up inside his small home in the desert outside Palmdale and almost never left. When the notorious serial rapist moved in two years ago, shock and fear settled into the community. Santa Clara County court spokesman Joseph Macaluso said officials with Liberty Healthcare, a state contractor overseeing Hubbart’s conditional release, contacted the court Tuesday to tell them that he had “failed to meet the terms” of his release.

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Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the L. Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to

In 1972, he was confined to a state hospital for a series of sexual assaults in the Pomona and San Gabriel valleys, then released.

Years later, he was arrested again for attacks in the Bay Area and sent to prison for eight years, according to court records.