Letter to editor mandating vaccine

Outbreaks of influenza in hospitals have been well described [3, 4, 9–12].Influenza vaccination of health care workers reduces employee illness and absenteeism [4, 13–15].In nursing home settings, vaccination of health care workers has been shown to decrease morbidity and mortality among nursing home residents [16–18].The impact of vaccination of workers in acute care settings is more difficult to study because of the short duration of most hospitalizations.As one of four physicians currently serving in the General Assembly, he brings a similarly heartfelt dedication to his service in Richmond.

Because organizational vaccination rates remained below target levels, influenza vaccination was made a condition of employment for all employees in 2008.

But unlike Gardasil, those vaccinations serve as a preventative for diseases that are transmitted through casual contact.

As the sponsor the legislation that would repeal the Gardasil mandate, I do not share Delegate Stolle’s viewpoint.

Many requests reflected misinformation about the vaccine. A mandatory influenza vaccination campaign successfully increased vaccination rates.

Fewer employees sought medical or religious exemptions than had signed declination statements during the previous year.