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(About 200 prints.) Date:1987 - 2005 Curtis (Edward S.) Collection Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, New Southwest, Great Basin, Great Plains, Plateau Region, California, and Alaska. Selected images are primarily those for which copy photos have been produced.

Now the partners are expanding their vision with their first retail store in New York City.Includes prints from the British Cartoon Prints Collection, call numbers PC 1, PC 2, and PC 3 (About 8,500 prints.) Date:1621 - 1853 Case Books Books, serials and published, bound portfolios assigned to the Prints and Photographs Division because they contain original photographs, engravings, and other kinds of graphic materials.(About 2,200 books and serials.) Date:1557 - 2000 College Women's Association of Japan Print Show Collection Fine art prints made by more than 180 artists living and working in Japan, encompassing a diversity of styles, printmaking techniques, and subject matter; the prints were selected for the organization's 50th anniversary show.(About 1,600 photographs (selection from full collection).) Date:1860 - 1934 Cartoon Drawings: Herblock Collection A representative sample of original drawings by Herbert L.Block ("Herblock"), an editorial cartoonist who worked primarily at the Washington Post.