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Being on a stake out for days with minimal food and crappy coffee makes Coco a bit punchy, so when they discuss certain issues, and strategies, Coco gets mean and starts in on him, telling him what a tool he really is.

Rex let’s her know that the Director has instructed them to head down to the studio apartment they have been watching and see why there is no activity for many hours.

As soon as she comes to he does a swift neck break and she collapses to the floor and half on him. He loves the freshly dead gals and that is why he makes them lose their way and end up on Dead End Road. He has no social skills and just has to use and dispose.

When Coco sees a number she recognizes, she calls, to her surprise and chagrin, she hears a phone ringing in the bathroom and draws her service weapon smelling a rat.

She grabs the still ringing phone, and heads back to the bedroom, where Rex is now by the window, with his weapon drawn.

After dressing her he gets his vest on for the long drive and long night.

He piscks her up and cradle carries her to the bed of the truck, tucking her in and eventually covering her up with a quilt so her body doesn’t start to get water logged from the rain that is coming. This is one I had to act so the camera work is very steady, long sequences, lots of full wide angles and sequences.