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George's Bay (Bajja ta' San Ġorġ) situated in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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The team established a group of un-manned scientific platforms, collectively called an observatory, to record data throughout the remainder of the year on everything from the salinity of the water to the thickness and temperature of the ice cover. Antarctic Program operates three stations year-round in Antarctica, including Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.General cargo vessel PORT MAY suffered engine failure in the afternoon Nov 7 abeam of Cape Crillon, southernmost tip of Sakhalin Island, La Perouse Strait, while passing Strait in eastern direction, en route ... Russian Research Institute of Arctic and Antarctic forecasts Arctic temperature decrease cycle beginning 2020, decrease will last until 2030-2040, causing ice cover growth.During last decade average temperature in Arctic rose some 3C ... Bulk carrier BAO DI LONG 9 lost onctrol and collided with river boat in Huangpu river in Shanghai area, while proceeding downstream.Once they do so, they can easily watch and record things that go on around them – and that information can be used later for blackmail, breaking into other security systems, or worse.Previous leaks have suggested that governments including the US have likely tapped into webcams as a way of gathering information on citizens.