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The violence is at all stages along the chain as well.At the very first stage of their journey, Park recounts how her mother was raped effectively in front of her.First, the Chinese government has generally done very little to clean up this sort of trafficking, either in the Northeast or elsewhere.An intriguing aspect of Park’s account is her portrayal of Shenyang as “overrun with violent gangs and controlled by corrupt public officials who were regularly purged by the government in Beijing, only to be replaced by new ones.” She notes that Hongwei and other gangsters faced difficulties when the Chinese government cracked down on the border in 2008; but this was opportunistic, related to the Beijing Olympics rather than any reversal of policy.Stockholm syndrome sets in to some extent, as Park ends up working for Hongwei in the trafficking business, doing the little she can to blunt the trauma of the process for other victims, and ultimately spending some time working in a sex chat room alongside her mother.At the risk of restating the obvious, the reasons for these depredations lie not only in North Korea but in China, and in two distinct ways.

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Park’s fate was tied to a fairly high-level trafficker named Hongwei who operated in a territory between Chaoyang and the port Jinzhou.

After several rape attempts, Park recounts her thinking about her captivity: “for a long time, I thought of it as a business negotiation” before recognizing that her acquiescence to Hongwei’s approaches was in fact rape.

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