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And I always wanted to show them what is the state of Asian American media now.

And I would always turn to Kev Jumba for some reason. Seeing a lot of submissions that we do get, I kind of appreciate what Kev Jumba is doing—the kind of charisma he brings as an actor and even as a media maker.”Joanne Lee, a high school student from Rancho Cucamonga, perhaps has a more typical younger fan’s perspective.

It hasn’t really done any of this yet—the network is still only a month old, as of this writing—but if they pull it off, it could be the beginnings of something like an Asian American studio, a factory of Warholian proportions. Piano-playing cats and a kid hopped up on laughing gas are one thing, but there’s a line in the sand with some of these You Tube stars. To me, it feels like one of those cruel markers of generational passage, one demographic’s tastes giving way to another’s.

Initially, Brian Hu, the artistic director with the San Diego Asian American Film Festival, didn’t totally get it.

Their jokes and punchlines are original, and the story lines for their skits are one-of-a-kind.”For all the handwringing every time a stereotype-affirming study comes out, the notion of Asian Americans as early and avid adopters of technology had to be true to support these artists.You Tube, they grew up on You Tube.“There’s this right time, right place, there’s a little luck, a little magic involved,” said Sung Kang.“It’s very Gladwellian,” he added, referencing Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s book about success.It’s a continuation of the work of performers like Higa and Kev Jumba. That the YOMYOMF network has actively embraced its Asian Americanness reveals an ambition beyond subscribers.The only difference is the galloping of studio executives and Internet moguls racing to bridge the gap between new and traditional media, with dollar signs in their eyes. Young talent like the You Tube stars have connected with established Hollywood commodities like Lin.