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Also his works towards 8000 Epigraphy studies is noteworthy. Ramanujam Narasimhachar is another great Archaeologist during the Maharajas of Mysore who published several Monographs on Hoysala Temples which acts as a source of inspiration till date and he too added a lot of work in categorizing and deciphering the 4000 Epigraphs. Special thanks to all my friends from Karnataka Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology, Surathkal) and other friends & relatives in Bangalore and elsewhere in the world who constantly encourage me in doing such a stupendous task of travelling and documenting things. Gurudev C J who was very instrumental in making my gene to be driven with adventurous activities all the time, he has directly helped me fuelling my passion towards exploring the world thru travelling.

The constant support and continuous efforts of Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi and Karnataka State - Department of Museums and Archaeology, Mysore in preserving and conserving these great monuments is noteworthy. Also thanks to my mother Nagarathna, brother Sidraj, sister Rohini and wife Divya who are constantly supporting these activities on daily basis.

The great volumes on Indian Temple Architecture which are outcome of these studies are simply amazing and great source of information.

With all the great men and women who have contributed a lot, I take this opportunity to personally thank Sri.

The pillars also have figures of parrots carved on them. The beauty of these pillars is that the sculpture has left not even an inch of free space in them.

The reason teff was chosen had to do with some unique properties that made it an all-rounder of sorts.

That is because right now there are farmers in Mysuru who have just begun cultivating two other foreign superfoods—chia seeds and quinoa—using seeds adapted to India by CFTRI.

“We don’t want to put too many seeds and confuse the system.

This grain has that property.” There was also a more emotional motivation because both teff and ragi are from Ethiopia.

“Karnataka is the first state which adapted ragi-growing in India.