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He is someone who will get under the skin of opposing players with his hustle and toughness. I think he can be what Kendrick Perkins was to Boston.

The suit is big so who knows how fit he is but I hope he's in good shape I think he can be what Kendrick Perkins was to Boston.Anyone who followed the tournament would have known that Harrellson was one of the top player stories during the month of March. If you think Kendrick Perkins is a high expectation then you must not really watch Perkins play.I stand by what I've stated, without having to "calm down", that I feel he'll become a tough Knick down-low. Perkins doesn't do anything except grab rebounds, block a shot or two and play tough. Funny how you bring up Darko in regards to finding a way to bash our head coach, especially considering the fact that he's one of the biggest NBA bust's of all-time.This kid plays with heart, hustle and effort; that's for sure.Not only has this kid played for one of the best college basketball programs both currently and all-time in Kentucky, averaged 7.61 points, 8.66 boards and 1.53 points per game last year, but he also performed at a high level of play during March madness, putting up 10.8 points, 1.5 blocks and 8.3 boards per game when it mattered most (during the month of March).