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My 30 year old boyfriend and his younger brother pretend not to watch it when its on yet they laugh at all the jokes and funny parts. I just bought this DVD for my 9 year old who has become a big fan of the Jonas brothers because of how funny they are on the TV series.

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At first I was thinking it was so-so but now I am really impressed and never miss an episode of JONAS.

But do you know him as one of the biggest players in Hollywood?

Let us explain: Yes, the Jonas Brothers all wore "purity rings" to demonstrate to the world that they wouldn't go to bed until legally wed.

I was walking around Warped Tour and saw Brian Dales, the lead singer of The Summer Set.

Being a HUGE fan of The Summer Set, I talked with him and my friends and I asked for a picture. I kept running into them throughout the day and she told me that we are best friends. I got a few pictures with Chelsea and Brian and then I asked for a picture with both of them.