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We were keen on it being a gang show, following three interesting characters, rather than on Merlin, which was really just about following Merlin and his destiny.

With this, there are three fully-rounded characters.

But as the rave reviews rolled in, he realised being a theatre star’s other half was more baked beans for one than Bolly with the cast. She’s dated pop stars, simulated oral sex in a Hollywood movie and has a Facebook fan page describing her as ‘the sex’.

JOHNNY CAPPS: We love shows that are based around interesting mythologies.We knew that Atlantis is a word that everybody recognizes and it brings emotional reactions because most people know what Atlantis is.We just thought we could set Greek myths in a world called Atlantis. And then, it was all about creating characters and finding out what characters worked in that world.As my single friends cottoned on to the fact that I was as good as one of them, they started enticing me out at night and I caved at the slightest temptation: the pub, the was all welcome distraction from the contemptuous gaze of the cats. With a sitcom pilot green-lit and the next couple of episodes to write, my work was suffering.