Java validating xml against schema

The compression algorithm is based on tokenizing the XML tags.

The assumption is that any XML document repeats a number of tags and so tokenizing these tags gives considerable compression.

By parsing an XML document according to the rules specified in a DTD or an XML schema, a validating XML parser determines whether the document conforms to the specified DTD or XML schema.

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The SAX and DOM APIs provided in the Oracle XDK are examples of vendor-specific implementations supported by JAXP.In general, the DOM API provides the following advantages: Release 1 (11.1), XDK provides scalable, pluggable support for DOM.This relieves problems of memory inefficiency, limited scalability, and lack of control over the DOM configuration.The main disadvantage of JAXP is that it runs more slowly than vendor-specific APIs.In addition, several features are available through Oracle-specific APIs that are not available through JAXP APIs.