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When she arrived, she found out the hard way that she was actually pregnant with five babies.She thought she was expecting only one child, but that was certainly not …Wikimedia Commons Today, we remember the ancient Greeks for their contributions to art, politics, and philosophy.And then as adults, we crave those midday naps, the constant pampering and the lack of homework.…After getting inspired by the slew of brave people who have come out as transgender over the past few years–specifically Jazz Jennings–one family made the decision to go through the sometimes challenging process of transition.We tend to see them as solemn people, as devoid of life as the white marble statues they left behind.

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But when she arrived at the awards ceremony she sported something completely different, and people all over social media were in love with her new look.

Eric Maison and his daughter, 15-year-old Corey, were actually born as mother and son.

Corey …Manita Singh, 25, an expecting mother from Chattisgarh, India was taken to the hospital to give birth to her baby.

Yes, string cheese is a thing and it can be awesome.

There are lots of …Everyone remembers Amanda Bynes.