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[shrug].” Things got even more uncomfortable when the interviewer asked Jake if he had heard any of Taylor‘s songs rumored to be about their relationship, such as “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “All Too Well,” and “The Last Time.” “I would love to not talk about my personal life,” Jake answered.

“I would love to talk about the movie.” Tom Hiddleston was also recently asked if he had any regrets about dating Tay.

People just love talking about the physical part of it. — will be eternally grateful), and a director father, Stephen Gyllenhaal; his older sister is the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

His first screen role, at the age of 10, was as Billy Crystal's smart-mouthed, spike-haired son in , and though he attended regular high school — regularish, it was the prestigious Harvard-Westlake — and then college, studying Tibetan Buddhism and eastern mysticism at Columbia, he left after two years to pursue acting.

The latter seems most apt."You take the couch," Gyllenhaal says, pulling up an armchair. I apologise for the intimacy, given the plethora of seating options available."Yeah, have some restraint," he quips. Journalists often say interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal is a little tricky.

He's supposed to be "The Patient" in this scenario, I remind him."Oh, right," he says. Not just because he's careful about his privacy, which he is, but also because, as he says, leaning back into the couch, "I have an abstract mind...

But then you think about Gyllenhaal's career and the roles he's best known for, and how they fit into a Hollywood spectrum of endless superhero franchises and vapid fantasy epics and money-spinning sequels, and it makes a certain sense., the 2001 cult film about an over-medicated teenager who sees an imaginary six-foot rabbit that predicts end times, and which still holds up as an evocative mood piece about the terrifying, numbing potentiality of adolescence.

There's , Sam Mendes' film about a Marine in the first Gulf War, which revels not in heroism or danger but in the existential void the war created — of purpose, of meaning, of fun.

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It's no mean feat.appears to be a good old-fashioned psychological thriller set in the International Space Station, where a group of preternaturally attractive astronauts and one cosmonaut discover the rover they have sent to Mars has brought back a passenger. "They're really excited about it, and all of a sudden it becomes a terrifying interaction with this creature."And you get picked off one by one? It also sounds like the kind of self-punishing role that Gyllenhaal seems to have a jones for. '"But it's also a reputation for which, he's aware, he's partly got himself to blame.

Los Angeles is not a town designed for rain: the candy-coloured buildings seem somehow both drab and gaudy, and as the water drips from their leaves the palms look suicidal. Before our interview, he has been holed up in an edit suite with David Gordon Green, the director of , the first film being made by Gyllenhaal's production company, Nine Stories.

Standing at the window of a tower block in Burbank, a few miles northeast of Hollywood, surveying the office buildings below and beyond them, the hills, Jake Gyllenhaal sees things differently."I think there's something kind of magical about the way the palm trees come out of the mist," he says. As well as producing, Gyllenhaal is playing the lead role of Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and upon whose book the film is based.

The pair emerge laughing when a production assistant announces my arrival.

Gyllenhaal — in bearded mode for a future part — introduces himself.