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NEARLY three-quarters of a century had passed after the first ad- vent of permanent white settlers into the valley of the upper Mo- hawk river — a period made historically memorable by the occurrence of many important events and the enactment of deeds of valor and heroism — before Herkimer county existed as a subdivision of the State of New York. In 17C1 John Mc Neil and three others bought wliat has been called Mc Neil's patent, in the southern part of Stark. Between the two, in narrow form, lay Staley's third tract, also called Frank's patent, from Conrad and Frederick Frank, who were interested in it. In 1739 three were granted to Lendert Helmer, two to Jacob Glen, three to Archibald Kennedy, three to John Schuyler, jr., three to Arent Brant, and three to Philip Schuyler. The tract of land involved consisted of 25,076 acres, occupy- ing, in general terms, the eastern part of the town of Herkimer, the southern half of Fairfield, Little Falls north of the river, and the western part of Manheim. In 1738 five of the lots were granted to Patrick Mc Claughry and Andrew Mc Dowell, and eight to James De Lancey, John Lindsay, and Abraham Glen. In the same year Thomas Matchin bought 1,600 acres on the north side of West Canada Creek in the town of Russia. The other 428 acres of Manheim were taken in 1786 by John Van Driesen.

In 1761 three were granted to Samuel Auchunity, three to William Mitchell, and three to William Ogilvie. The boundaries of the county as originally given were as follows ; All the territory bounded north by Lake Ontario, the 18 HISTORY OF HERKIMER COUNTY. Lawrence, and tlie north bounds of the State ; easterly by the counties of Clinton, Washington and Saratoga, as they then were ; south eriy by the counties of Montgomery, Otsego and Tioga. In 1765 Guy Johnson bought 2,000 acres, now about equally divided between the southeastern corner of German Flats and the adjoining portion of Little DESCRIPTIVE OF THE COUNTY. Walton's patent ran along the western county line from Cosby's Manor to Wes-t Canada Creek, with a breadth of two and a half miles ; it was granted in 1768. As first formed the county embraced a vast extent of territory, extending from its eastern boundary westward to the eastern boundary of Ontario county, exclusive of the territory of Otsego and Tioga counties, which were erected at the same date with Herkimer. Livingston's patent, part of which occupied the southeastern corner of Stark, was granted in 1702. The part of it in Herkimer county lay in the south of Danube and the northwestern part of Stark. Lansingh's patent was granted in the following year to Jacob and Abraham Lansingh and Jacob Glen.