Ivy singles dating

For Ivy Connecters, trading business cards a form of flirting. My alma mater is large, public and part of the Big Ten.

When presented the opportunity to join Ivy Connect — a “private community” comprised of New York City’s “most inspiring” “like-minded” young people, according to Meric — I was intrigued.

Applicants are approved by Ivy Connect’s five-person membership committee and then pay each month or 0 each year.

Before they were bartering Bitcoins, the Winklevoss twins created that now-defunct social network.

I’ve always been willing to go beyond my comfort zone in dating.

Earlier this year, I gladly let an almost-girlfriend coerce me into a Bed, Bath & Beyond trip for high-thread-count bath towels that I neither wanted nor needed.

Despite the “Ivy” branding, the only actual requirements are intellectual curiosity and passion.

How Ivy Connect reconciles being both elitist and inclusive is what initially intrigued me.