Issues updating xp service pack 3 apple tv photo sharing not updating

I keep my allotted System Restore space to a minimum and make sure I have at least one up to date restore.Normally, when you install an update, Windows will create a new restore point for the update.Because this is such a large update, the 1035 MB of space I had set aside was not enough.Instead of just not installing the new update, SP3 decided to also delete my previous restore point.After entering Safe Mode you will need to run as Administrator and restore your system to a time before SP3 was installed: .

Starting one day after the May 6th release, users were reporting problems with their network connections.

There is no fix for this, meaning that once the restore point is gone there is no getting it back.

The only thing that can be done is to raise your allotted restore space before installing SP3.

Our own Doug Bender spent many hours reproducing this problem and trying various fixes.

There are some needed conditions but he did come up with an acceptable fix. You can reach Safe Mode by tapping the F8 or F5 key during the boot process.