Is troy and gabriella still dating

DIDN' T EVEN FUCKING SEE SHARPAY AND RYAN PREFORM AND CAN' T FUCKING DECIDE THAT THEY' RE SUDDENLY THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL— Sharpay's A Victim (@SHARPAYSAVICTIM) May 14, 2017SHOW UP IF IT' S TROY AND GABRIELLA BUT NOT IF IT' S SHARPAY AND RYAN WHO ARE 500 TIMES MORE TALENTED AND EXPERIENCED THAN TROY AND GABRIELLA— Sharpay's A Victim (@SHARPAYSAVICTIM) May 14, 2017 The thread continues, suggesting that the moral of the story is actually that being popular serves you more than dedicating your life and time to something, like Sharpay and Ryan have to performing.They even point out that Sharpay is gracious, even though she lost out on the lead role in the musical (something she does again and again and again).Kelsi was already asked to work because the rehearsal pianist quit.Meanwhile, Sharpay and Ryan are just pulling up to Lava Springs where Sharpay is going to relax and have some "fabulous fun" ("Fabulous").This victimizing continues into the second movie, in which, again, Sharpay is sidelined by Troy and Gabriella at her OWN COUNTRY CLUB (where she actually got everyone jobs and tried to help Troy with his future).It reaches a climax in the final movie, which sees songwriter Kelsi getting the scholarship that Sharpay had worked so hard for.As @SHARPAYSAVICTIM points out, both Shapay and Ryan, her brother, have been performing since they were in preschool and know a thing or two about this business that we call show.

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[Gabriella] I just don't belong here I hope you understand [Troy] I'm trying to understand [Gabriella] Hey! If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts.

But hiring him at the Club is part of a scheme set up by a very Troy Bolton-hungry Sharpay Evans who wants Troy for herself. Troy then talks to Gabriella and tells her that as long as they spend the summer it should be fine.

He then gives her a necklace with a "T" on it as his promise to her.

Meanwhile, Efron has yet to confirm if he is planning to reprise his role as East High School basketball varsity captain Troy Bolton.

Disney Channel has yet to announce the official release date of "High School Musical 4" in the coming days.

Is troy and gabriella still dating