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“I won’t comment on the specifics of this relationship because that isn’t my place.

But the more fact that it existed infuriates me…sexual relationships need to be equitable and they can’t be when people are in dramatically different life stages or when one person enters the relationship as a fan of another.” After Olga’s blog post, similar allegations of sexual abuse, emotional manipulation or disrespect of personal boundaries were also made against British musician Alex Day.

However, the model of consent that I followed, not that I specifically thought about it at the time – was that only “no” meant “no.” That is not what consent is.

The result of that belief that ‘only no means no’, is that I spent a long part of my life doing shitty things to good people and barely ever realising or acknowledging that I was doing the shitty things.

Hank Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers channel with his author brother John Green and the other co-founder of DFTBA Records, expressed his disappointment and anger in a blog post.

At the concert this weekend, she played “Make Me a Robot,” but it was in its most subdued version.

While Milsom has not publicly commented about the allegations, DFTBA Records were quick to remove all of Milsom’s products from their store.

A co-founder of DFTBA Records, Alan Latsufka, also made a 00 donation to the RAINN support group (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).

At first, these allegations came from anonymous accounts.

Day denied these allegations in a blog post called Until yesterday, I thought that I had had only appropriate, though occasionally manipulative relationships with women.