Is harry still dating chelsea

Tiff is understandably miffed that there’s only one Thompson sibling who is keen to shack up, and it isn’t the one she’s dating. Mimi goes to tea with Ella and Toff, and reveals that she and Ella were part of a three-way snog with Harry. ‘Last night I got so belligerent that I yelled at the barman for 25 minutes for running out of Monster Munch.’ Ella regrets everything, but admits ‘I do like [Harry], I wish I didn’t.’ Dude, what’s to like? We’re scratching our heads so hard that we’re on the brink of trepanning ourselves. No, he’s going to come in and out through Louise’s bedroom window, like the Milk Tray Man! What a brilliant way to describe the effects of being…excessively hydrated.In 2011, Chelsy joined Prince Harry at Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding, and news of their breakup followed soon afterward.

Earlier this week, Us Weekly reported that Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy were back on, with sources saying that the pair has been meeting up for months.

Tina sounds a bit posher, which makes me wonder whether a producer had a word, or sent her to one of those places where you have to walk around with a book on your head and learn how to say ‘do excuse me! Liv vacation shames Daisy, who has been on her ‘hollibobs’ - Liv implies that if you didn’t fly long haul, it wasn’t a holiday at all. ‘I’d much rather have your leftovers than anyone else’s,’ coos Toff loyally, instead of replying with ‘Why am I even friends with you, you rude bitch? Sam is very excited about this, even though he usually dresses as though he’s about to play golf with someone’s Dad.

Toff tells Victoria about her exciting date with Sam Prince. ’ Sam Prince is prepping for his date while Jamie prepares for his trip to Tel Aviv for the Forbes 30 under 30 summit. Jamie waves goodbye to Frankie, with one hand on his wheelie case and the other hailing a taxi cab. Frankie says that she’s going to go out, because she ‘hasn’t been out for ages’.

She wants her freedom and to start a career," the source added.

Davy is still close to Harry's cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.