Is anthony cumia still dating melissa stetten

Cumia met his first wife, Jennifer Cumia, while she dating Joseph, his brother. In 2002, they got divorced with a sad note after being together for about 12 years.

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They also did a comedy tour, “The Travelling Virus” in the years 2006, 2007 & 2008.In 2012, he started “Live from the Compound”, which was a hobby at first but talked about several different programs. In 2015, the whole show expanded to “Compound Media” along with some other shows.One of the frequent guests in his show is the famous comedian, Dave Atteli. His radio work owns him quite a good amount of money.They both earned around million for every year as they were a part of the complete million pact.During the time he did the shows, he had earned alot and then after he had created his own studio, he also started new shows that were worth millions.