Iran mendating a women

Rouhani’s tenure has also been the hallmark home of systematic oppression against women, workers, college students, writers, journalists, dissident bloggers; imposing poverty and unemployment on a majority of Iranians; continuous threats made against the media; punishment of political prisoners have increased significantly even in comparison to the years of Iran’s firebrand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

During Rouhani’s human rights violations-stained tenure, an average of two to three people have been executed on a daily basis.

Although normal, Western style clothing is acceptable in private homes, when in public women are required to cover everything but their face, hands and feet.

The most common uniform consists of a head scarf (roo-sari, روسری) to conceal the head and neck, a formless, knee-length coat known as a roo-poosh (روپوش) and a long dress or pair of pants.

On a more general scale, Rouhani is known for his preposterous remarks.

Always ask first before you enter a room you are unsure of.

It does not mean you shall have a tight scarf around your head.

Don't worry, It is very usual that some parts remain out of the cover.

Scarf is the most common covering for head and is called "Roosari" in Farsi.

Perhaps the most visible mark of Iran's Islamic leanings is the conservative dress expected of its citizens.