Invalidating query cache

Returns Region Playback Control (RPC) information for a DVD device, such as whether the player supports the RPC2 standard, the current region code of the player, and the remaining number of times the player's region code can be changed by the user.This IOCTL also indicates the region code of the currently mounted disc. The IOCTL_DVD_READ_KEYoperation should be used to obtain only the device region code.This request is the same as an IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC_EXrequest with a format of CDROM_READ_TOC_EX_FORMAT_SESSION.For more information on the CDROM_READ_TOC_EX_FORMAT_SESSION format, see the description of the Formatmember of the CDROM_READ_TOC_EXstructure.

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Internally, the driver may also collect and return vendor specific calibration data to be analyzed by an application.Returns the SCSI inquiry data for all devices on a given SCSI host bus adapter (HBA).If the IOCTL is employed in user space, the program must have opened a handle to the HBA, which can be enumerated by various means, such as Setup Dixxx calls.An IEC-61883 client driver uses the IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVICE_CONTROLIRP with Io Control Code IOCTL_61883_CLASS to communicate with 1394 driver stack using the IEC-61883 protocol.The driver has access to all operations provided by the IEC-61883 protocol driver through this request.