Inuyasha dating sim game

You could even change the name of the heroine for this purpose."Kagome, my life hasn't been the same since the day I met you. "Kagome squeaked and whipped her head in the direction of her window. That cut scene had been her reward for 15 hours of gameplay.

From this moment on, I want to be with you...always."Kagome made a happy noise, while her character blushed like a maiden. "Sora closed his eyes for a moment, before continuing. Sure enough there sat Inuyasha, peering at her screen with no short amount of annoyance evident in his eyes. "The girl growled and turned back to the laptop, only to see the screen cut to black. She'd gone through pain staking choices of dialogue that were chosen to appeal to the male lead she wanted, won every mini game, unwrapped the mystery of the plot, all the while keeping her Love Meter with Sora just at the right have the final confession stolen from her.

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She ironically becomes trapped inside a game, and must now choose a love interest." Sango greeted happily when she saw them, holding the hand of one of her daughters.Upon hearing this Miroku appeared at the entrance of their hut, holding their son in his arms while their other daughter peeked around him.Yet she hadn't been prepared for how much changed since leaving, and nothing had made that clearer to her than Inuyasha remaining exactly the same.While a part of her had been glad to see him unchanged after three years, she couldn't ignore the fact that she was different from before.