Interracial dating still an issue

Three of the questions that people should ask their significant others during this conversation is “Who has this problem?

” “Is It an impact that changes our decisions about our relationship” “Is the culture rift between us too large to overcome? More important than asking these questions are answering them truthfully.

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There is no light way to tell your African-American girlfriend that your German family members disapprove.Interracial dating has occurred throughout history, but what makes it different in this day and age from what it was in the past is that people no longer hide their relationships in fear of being socially discriminated.Although anti-miscegenation laws were repealed, there are still a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about what it means to date someone of a different race.Whether it be that these reservations are strong and confrontational, or that they are largely subliminal, the couple must not ignore these influences.Doing so may cause a rift in the relationship that later can’t be solved and ultimately contribute to the downfall of the couple.